Hello and welcome to my blog!

“But who are you??”

Nice to meet you! I’m mostly known as Mayu (aka Mayumi Sugihara, Mayuyun). I’m 1x years old, and I enjoy drawing and listening to music. I do also play videogames occasionally, if they are my like. Currently, my most played game is KanColle.

“What will I find here?”

I’m planning on posting lyrics for Japanese songs along with their corresponding romaji here on this blog. I’m doing this just for fun, and hopefully to improve my Japanese skills even if it’s just by a little. I still have a long way until I can make my own translations \o/

Lately, I’ve also been considering the idea of posting Kancolle-related stuff from time to time (just to keep the blog alive, you know). Maybe pictures, songs, or even my own in-game experiences…

I would also like to state that I don’t own the rights for the pictures, songs nor lyrics posted on the blog. Therefore, you don’t need to ask for permission if you wanna use them or copy them somewhere else.

This said, I hope you enjoy your stay! (And please forgive me for my English~)



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