(KanColle) 2016 Spring Event – Current status

Ooyodo.(Kantai.Collection).full.1780380 copia.png
Event summary: I want Ooyodo to die.

Hello! How’s everyone doing?

I’m pretty sure most of you already know of the current event running on Kan -literally the reason the oceans are salty- Colle. It was a large scale event consisting of 7 maps.
It took me around 10 days to finish everything and get my Volleyball girl. I think I was kind of prepared for doing hard-med but HOLY SHIT HOW WRONG I WAS. RNG had already made me switch to easy on E-2 lmfao. Is2g that hellhole made me waste around 150 fucking buckets. I don’t really know what happened to me and my sanity but I decided finish everything on easy (even though I had enough ships to endure the shiplocking thing…) FML

But hey, RNG didn’t fucking stop screwing me over after doing E-2, no it didn’t. Just WHAT THE FUCK WAS SO WRONG WITH E-6. 30K FUEL SPENT, AND +200 BUCKETS??? ON EASY MODO
Alright, maybe it was my fault? It had only been 1 week after the event had started, I didn’t know I had to S-rank node I on E-5 in order to debuff that bitch. But I saw everyone getting lucky and achieving their kills that I got… jelly? and continued to roll. BIGGEST. MISTAKE. EVER.

Alright, so I did some stockpiling, devs announced the official debuff procedure, something something I zuiun-nuked that bitch and moved on to E-7.

With 5k fuel left haha.

And I have to say, compared to E-6, E-7 was heaven. Well, maybe Last Dance was a bit more complicated, but looks like RNG-sama decided to be nice to me and allowed me to pass after not many Last dance attempts (thank you Choukai for the final blow!)

Now that I’m done with the event, I’m back to stockpiling and getting some of the buckets back. I did also manage to get Zuikaku, Mikuma and Harukaze in the end, so I’m rather happy. And hopefully some Yuu will show up soon (+300 S-ranks already… ahahahah…)

Yamashiro also got her Kai Ni for her wonderful job at this event as well!

[Mayu] 2016-05-04 19-26-18 11.png
Before event
[Mayu] 2016-05-14 20-59-49 26
After event OTL


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